This policy has become extremely important all over the world especially among banks and other financial organizations in order to prevent thefts, money laundering, financial fraud and terrorist activities. adopts an anti-fraud policy and takes all measures possible to prevent it Any fraudulent activity will be documented as well as all the related accounts will be immediately closed.

KYC Policy


The aims that will ensure the completeness of the information, such as information about the account and the transactions you make using various precautionary measures against fraud

Opening and funding a trading account will require the following documentation to be supplied to us:

Copy of your passport, the page with the signature

Copy Of Credit Cards that you are  using to fund your account (the front and back of the credit card with the first 6 and last 4 digits.  The credit card CVV on the back of the card must also be blanked out.  Holder’s name and signature must be clearly visible)

Your address of residence. This address should match the address you entered during your account registration

In case you have any questions please contact our customer


[email protected]

When should I provide all the documents?

We will appreciate if you provide the documents as quickly as possible, in order to eliminate delays when executing transactions. We require all the documents before start making transactions. Due to some circumstances we may request documents before allowing any activity on your account such as deposits or trading.

How can I send the documents?

Please scan your documents or make a high-quality photo on a digital camera and upload the documents.

How do I know that  my documents are safe? regards the security of customer’s documentation as a priority, and applies to all the received documents with absolute respect and confidentiality. All the files that we get are protected as we use the highest level of encryption at each step of the review.

Thank you

for cooperation!

RISK WARNING: FOREX trading bears a high risk level and is subject to high speculation. Do not go into speculation with any funds you cannot afford to lose because if things go wrong, you may incur a loss of all or part of your investment. Kindly click here in order to read the complete risk warning. Click Here.

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